Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A letter to my unborn child.

Hello my little miracle,

Tomorrow morning your sweet mother and I will get to see you for the first time. I cannot begin to imagine how I'll feel to see you. To know you exist. To behold the beautiful spark of life that your parents have put in motion.

I suppose I could predict that I'll be joyful and full of glee, but also worrisome and paranoid. What little shapes on the ultrasound will have me clutching at my hair and asking our technician "Wait, whats wrong with my child?! why is there a dark spot there!" or "is that a head or a butt?".

I find myself wondering daily how I'll perform as your father. What things I'll do right or wrong. How I'll succeed and fail. Though really, It's not about success or failure. No matter what happens from the day you are brought into this world I'll be your father the moment you appear. From that moment on I'll do my best to teach you how to live in this world and how you might make it a better place for yourself and those around you.

I cannot wait to laugh and play with you. To show you the stars and open your mind to all the wonders around. I'll show you the magic that exists in your imagination and give you the tools to make your life a great adventure.

But lastly, and not least by any stretch of the imagination. I cannot wait to show you my love and compassion. To teach you how to give the same to those around you. For it is my sincerest hope that you will live to give to others the kind of joy and happiness that you give to me.

With all the love I have to give,


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